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platform for attracting investments for startups and existing businesses

Холл офисного здания


Crowdinvesting platform to support startups and existing businesses

Property management services in Montenegro

Expert support for business projects

A few words about us

TOKENOPOLIS is an advanced crowdinvesting platform created to support and develop startups, as well as to help expand existing businesses. We offer unique opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world, bringing them together in a single space to implement innovative projects.

Crowdinvesting platform

We were the first to create a platform based on blockchain technologies for crowdinvesting in Montenegro

Invest any amount from 10 euros and receive income from our partners’ tokens. Read detailed conditions in your personal account.

New tokens

Club mini-hotel with special privileges

SPA complex

Expect the announcement of a new project!


Receive a fixed income from a construction company

Deposit FIX

Invest and receive income from the resale of a villa


  1. Stellar's high-speed network ensures fast transaction processing.

  2. Stellar offers extremely low fees, making investing more accessible and profitable.

  3. The opportunity to invest from anywhere in the world and launch new projects in any country.

  4. Security and transparency of transactions.


Exchange knowledge and experience with like-minded people. Find out about all current projects!

Join us
to the community

TOKENOPOLIS provides all investors with a starting balance of 10 XLM

Additional features

Premium investment

Assistance in creating an investment portfolio and consultations with experts

Referral program


How to start a new project?

Tell us about your idea

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